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Festa Dell’Aria 2022




Festa Dell'Aria 2022

On the "Festa dell'Aria 2022" we collaborated with Air-Break Ferrara for the creation of the festival coordinated image. The "festa" is a moment of discussion on the air quality of the city. Three days of conferences, workshops and events to analyse the data collected during the year and co-design, together with citizens, new practices and ideas for better air quality in the city. We designed the graphic on the concept of wind: lightness and impalpability, fundamental characteristics of clean and healthy air. We chose the four main winds that blow on Ferrara and assigned them four different colour nuances that represent their characteristics and attitudes. The use of phrases in Ferrarese dialect on promotional flyers and posters has then, involved the citizens. While the postcards used during the activities, transformed into small planes, were ready to make the ideas of the participants fly.


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