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Poli Polo is a laboratory of innovation, prototyping and digital experimentation founded by Laboratorio Aperto Ferrara. A space that gives companies and professionals the opportunity to develop product design, graphics, photography, packaging and set-up projects with the necessary technologies and skills. A place also open to students and citizens, a creative pole in which to experiment and test innovative ideas, located in Ferrara (Italy) city centre, in the spaces of the Ex Teatro Verdi.


Laboratorio Aperto Ferrara is a space in which the themes of sustainable mobility and cultural tourism intertwine with technological innovation and participation. Located inside the Ex Teatro Verdi in Ferrara (Italy), it acts as a glue between citizens, professionals and students. The open laboratory, in addition to hosting spaces dedicated to co-working, offers a range of innovative theoretical and practical training activities. Since June 2022 Poli Polo has its operational headquarters in the Lab, a space dedicated to research and development, open to citizens and companies, managed by Plam Creative Studio.


Poli Polo is a space for the community! A permanent space, tailored to the territory that offers services, equipment and skills to bring the educational and creative world closer to the working one. On the one hand, providing students with the tools and spaces they need to grow and do business, on the other, allowing local companies to develop innovative projects that can involve schools and citizens. 


–  Modular Black box

–   Canon RP

–  Canon 24-70mm f2.8

–  Canon 70-200mm f2.8

–  Camera Insta 360°

–  Manfrotto Tripod (3 way head)

–  2 Flash Godox 400W

–  2 Softbox with grid

–  2 Parable

–  Trigger Godox x-Pro C

–  Tripods and background holder

–  Green screen

–  Reflective/blackout panels

–  5 Oculus Go

–  2 Samsung Gear

–  1 HTC Vive Pro

–  2 Gaming Station PC Zotac Mek1

–  5 Laptop Lenovo Legion

–  5 Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

–  5 Kit Arduino

–   Ozobot

–  Carpentry tools


Rent only our equipment or let yourself be accompanied by a technician who will assist you throughout the use phase.

Any doubts? Not sure if your project can work out? You can ask us for advice without obligation, we will try to help you develop your projects or we will put you in touch with our network of professionals.

Entrust us with your idea, together we will make it grow and become a concrete project.

3D modeling and product engineering but also systemic design and implementation of processes already in place. Develop a project from the design phase to prototyping.

Theoretical training courses and workshops with industry professionals. Softskills and hardskills to bridge the gap between students and companies.