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Dispositivo per A.L.B.E.R.I.




Dispositivo per A.L.B.E.R.I.

A.L.B.E.R.I. is an Archivio Libero di Bellissimi Esemplari, Ricordi ed Immagini (Free Archive of Beautiful Specimens, Memories and Imaginations). The project, conceived by Il Turco Ferrara with the contribution of Regione Emilia-Romagna, aims to collect in a digital archive all the memories of the citizens of Ferrara about the Lebanon cedar in Massari Park. A project in continuous development of images, videos and stories about the life of the tree and the history of the park through the eyes of the people who lived and live them.
Our role for Interno Verde 2023 was to imagine and design a physical link to log in to the digital archive. A "device" with a QR code that would be a window to all the memories collected and that would be a good link to upload new ones.

The "device" A.LB.E.R.I. is a living structure that explains the relationship between tree, archive and emotion. Roots are the foundation of a plant, but they are also the synonym of origin and memory. Metaphorically, they are also the roots of a person and the link with the territory. A sense of belonging to the community.
The device underlines the importance of monumental trees, source of memories and cultural roots, to create a virtual bridge between the tree and the memory, giving access to the online digital archive of emotions. A fusion of the artificial (the archival structure) and the natural (the memories and emotions), creating a new object, a bridge of connections between memories and nature, a symbol of the symbiosis between the natural ecosystem and human emotions.
The A.L.B.E.R.I. "device" interacts with nature and is a living element that is part of the park's ecosystem. The information panel with the QR code is located at the top of a green structure that blends in with the lawn at the foot of the monumental Cedar of Lebanon.

The plants chosen are slow-growing, require little maintenance and don't interfere with the tree's needs; on the contrary, they naturally absorb pollutants from the air. The "device" is at the same time an access to the digital archive and an attractive and playful element that promotes the project and encourages the protection of the monumental trees in the Massari Park.