PLAM Creative Studio


Exhibit design




Human-Stream was born from the investigation of water flow and movement, highlighting how the “stream” of visitors also fills the city during the days of Lago Film Festival. The properties of water waves are very similar to the physical behaviour of light. The way they interact with space and obstacles is the same. The movement, the vibrations that generate the waves are part of the scientific process that allows us to study this phenomenon. H-Stream recreates a ripple tank in which the user activates the machinery and triggers the movement. In this sense, the user-machine interaction, and the vibration generated, displaces the water which becomes synonymous with light. The binomial light-movement, made evident by water, expresses a concept of a fluid way of behaving and acting. A combination that becomes a metaphor for the festival, transforming the lake and its liquid component into a means of understanding, experiencing and rediscovering cinema – a set of moving images (light).