PLAM Creative Studio


Exhibit design




Tuboo is a project designed by Plam Creative Studio on the occasion of the temporary exhibition for Climate Wunderkammer, an open source collective archive. Both typology of seats, made out of pvc water pipes, are designed on the inspiration of Japanese Bamboo’s bending traditional technique. Tuboo is meant as a case history to be included in the Climate Wunderkammer’s archive: a design approach that opens a reflection, addressing the themes of "de-contextualize" and "re-interpret".

How can the ancient technique meet the current technology and trigger re-thinking processes?

The seats are made with a series of PVC rain pipes for building use, heated and bent in a new shape. Tuboo minimizes the types of materials used to respond to the function that the object must perform. Thanks to the lightness and resistance of the material, the seats can be used outdoor and they’re easy to assemble, disassemble and transport. Tuboo is realized with production waste material from manufacturing companies or leftovers from construction sites without the need to introduce newly manufactured PVC into the environment but reusing existing material. The mounting system between the modules uses a standard steel cable tensioner easily available on the market. The open-source project is therefore potentially repeatable by anyone and manages to give new life to the material by re-thinking its context of use.