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Cooperativa Gorino

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Cooperativa Gorino

In this project we took care of the corporate photography for Cooperativa Gorino and documented with video footage the work processes. We styled the shooting to reflect the values of the cooperative: teamwork, sustainability and care. Filming and photography are the result of days and nights alongside fishermen and fish farmers to understand passion and sacrifices of this profession, still in balance with times of nature.

Cooperativa Gorino was established in 1992 in Goro, Ferrara – Italy, by a group of 24 clams fishermen. Located in the Po Delta Park (UNESCO), it continuosly works to minimize its environmental impact. The cooperative uses plots of land for sowing and nursery of newborn clams to encourage their natural growth. Cooperativa Gorino was the first in Italy to install a Flupsy system to independently raise clam seed and give life to a controlled biological supply chain.

The gaze is towards the future, and the objectives of the cooperative are to increase the protection of the natural habitat of the Delta, one of the richest in biodiversity in Europe.