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Eucarya Union Series

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Eucarya Union Series

Printed “biologies” meet nature demonstrating that the combination of artificial, design and vegetation is possible. The “Mosshelter”, a green design studio, in collaboration with “HPO”, a community of architects and designers, have created the Eucarya Union Series. A project that combines the natural shapes of mushrooms - redesigned and 3D printed in plastic material - with the growth of mosses and different types of ferns. The output is a semi-self-sufficient terrarium equipped with artificial lighting. The cavity-rich structure typical of fungi now houses and protects the roots of the growing and prolific vegetation encroaching on the plastic. For Eucarya US, we intervene with a hybrid video project, merging classic video, experimental macro and digital scanning. The result is the exploration of a new ecosystem through different observation techniques with the aim of offering new, but above all unexpected and anomalous points of view.

Eucarya Union Series terrarium