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Passaggio a 
Nord Est

Photography and 
editorial design



Passaggio a Nord Est

In 2015, the Balkan migratory route became one of the main accesses to the European Union for migrants from the Middle East. Various professional figures got involved within the Italian reception system, but social workers are the main players. Those who should make concrete the principles of protection and guardianship of asylum seekers. The high expenditure of emotional and physical energies that this work involves generates an intertwining between private and professional space which, if not controlled, can evolve into burnout syndrome. Passaggio a Nord Est is a photographic project that investigates the work and psychological/personal dimension of social workers and highlights the role they play for the community. On the occasion of the "Internazionale" Festival - Ferrara 2021, Passaggio a Nord Est took the form of a photographic exhibition in the spaces of the Ex Teatro Verdi, with the support of the Cooperativa Nuovi Vicini.


Second edition

On the occasion of the "World Refugee Day 2022" in Pordenone, Passaggio a Nord Est was re-proposed as a photographic exhibition in collaboration with the Cooperativa Nuovi Vicini. The event underlined a renewed need for awareness and information on the figure of the social worker.